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Uniform and Dress

The regiment prides itself on having a good standard of 17th Century dress and equipment. You will normally be able to borrow this for your first few musters but eventually you will be expected to provide your own. The minimum you require is:-

SOLDIERS UNIFORM Red Woollen Soldiers Coat, Woollen Breeches, Woollen Socks/Stockings, Footwear, Shirt, Felt hat, Montero or Monmouth cap.  In addition soldiers will require arms and accoutrements, i.e. sword, musket, baldric, powder flask etc.

WOMENS DRESS Long Woollen Skirt, Bodice, Shirt or Shift, Linen Bonnet, Footwear.

There are three ways to acquire kit – make it yourself, persuade a friend or relation to do it or buy it ready made, from the merchants who attend many of the events

For various items such as coats and muskets the regiment organises a central supply, so that new recruits can either borrow from the store, or buy basic uniform items at a reasonable price.

It is always advisable to consult an established member of the regiment when buying or making equipment, to avoid acquiring unsuitable items or paying more than is necessary.