The Deene Park muster took place on the weekend of May 26th/27th 2019

Many considered Deene Park a successful event and I am not sure I can disagree, reports are that even the public enjoyed it.  The campsite was spacious and the battlefield had a coppice that we (Maurice’s along with other members of Astley’s) were allowed to fight through which is exactly what we did on day one.  Out flanking the incumbents we came on them completely by surprise.  So much so that we managed to discharge three shots into their flank/rear before they realised we were the opposition and then only because they tried to extend their line into the safe firing distance.  We hastened them on their way and once out of the trees reformed on the right flank of the Scots, from where we pushed down the hill towards Parliament with half the Army.  The other half of the Army looped around the back of the coppice and came at Parliament's right flank, gradually rolling them up and pushing them into the LH and waiting public.

Day two the roles were reversed and Parliament were at the top of the hill.  It has been said that one of Parliament's officers spying some movement in the Royalist ranks (a group of musketeers had advanced to engage their right flank), reported back to his command that this musket block was doing something peculiar, to which the response was “that must be Maurice’s”.  Anyone would have thought that they had never seen firing by forlorn file before (I was soon to find out how right I was, but that was another muster).  Day two went much the same way as day on (which unusually was in my opinion the better performance and not just because we won) and we were evicted from the battle field.  Good weekend!