The Ledbury muster took place on July 13th/14th, 2019.

Really enjoyed this one, small but it had some interesting moments.

Liked the march through the town although the original organiser did appeared to be overruled by the late arrivals (those of senior rank) who delayed our departure so that we nearly missed our agreed time slot and re-sequenced the order of march (how does the saying go, something to do with a brewery).  The route was disappointingly short or it might have been that as we were late setting off, it was more a gallop than a march with no chance to pause for the substantial audience to better appreciate the display.  This was a good opportunity put on by the organisers which could have been something really special, that was squandered by those who took charge because they couldn’t be bothered to arrive on time and felt the need to remake something that was just fine as to was.

On the field (rugby pitch) and furthest from the watchers we got away with our block of 7-8 which was made up of River’s and Maurice’s. Pete took point on day one and myself on day two.  KG thought we were joining them day two but nobody told us, so we didn’t.  But firing by rank we did protect their left flank and kept parliament at bay until KG decided to fall on and we discussed whether to help them or keep firing.

There was talk of a return visit so keep an eye on OOTD.