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What Can I Do?

Members of both sexes can choose from several different roles in our re-enactment.

DRAGOONES The rank and file of the regiment,  armed with muskets, and often swords for close combat.

CAMP FOLLOWERS include the wives and children of the soldiers, together with the looser type of women always closely associated with armies. Vital to our re-enactments, they maintain soldiers in the field, and take part in cameos.

MUSICIANS playing drums and wind instruments form an integral part of any civil war regiment. The drummers give audible signal of orders during the battle, when shouted commands often cannot be heard. Musicians also make an invaluable contribution to the social life after the battle.

THE BAGGAGE TRAYNE comprise of professionals and tradesmen whose skills were required by the regiment. These included surgeons, blacksmiths, engineers, clergymen etc. These skills are particularly important at living history events.

In addition to its primary battlefield role the regiment has the equipment and skills to portray a soldiers camp, and can also play the role of a unit of pioneers.

All on all there is a role for everyone, which you can shape to suit your own skills and interests.