This was the Sealed Knot 50th Anniversary Event, and took place on the weekend of 24th/27th August, 2018.  The battles were on Sunday and Monday.

An odd event this one, it can only be described as one for the scrapbook.

Day one was wet and cloaks and cassocks were the order of the day, I had thrown together a blanket/cloak for just such an occasion and it worked a treat. We were also well commanded by Chris who after an initial advance and skirmish positioned us under a tree for shelter. With KG to the fore we kept up our continuous fire by using forlorn file, marching to flank KG to fire and returning until all our powder was gone.

Day two the weather was much better, again starting the day by skirmishing from the little clusters of trees that dotted the field. Still don’t remember many public but then I spent most of my time firing until like everyone else I ran out of powder. Job done we stood for one more attack and died, or ran. Cannot believe that we had got through our powder that quickly but I seemed to be dead a long before the battle ended or is it that time just slows down when you are waiting for the kettle to boil. 

Thanks to Rusty Aldwinckle for permission to use some of her pictures.