This large muster took place on the weekend of 28th/29th July 2018

John and Lesley arrived and I waved them across the camp site to where Bob was sitting outside our tent. Just to confuse matters I had decided to try out a new tent (yes another one) and Bob had zoned out so did not see them coming. As a result they nearly drove past where we were camped, fortunately Bob roused himself just in time to spot John and wondered why he was wandering aimlessly away.

This was a late addition to the calendar and although I think it only just achieved its published large event status we still put on a decent show. We formed up with King's and towards the end of the event we broke and ran back to some makeshift fortifications where we were told that if we had any powder left we could keep firing (if we had any powder left? Ha!). While most of King's clubbed butts to fend off the cavalry Bob and I just kept firing.

And the tent, well despite the mixed reviews and it being described as a ‘festival tent’ it survived what had been described as a yellow warning storm weekend. Best of all only 10 minutes to put up and take down, in the dry!  Bonus!