This was a 375th Anniversary major, on September 23rd/24th, 2017

This was supposed to be a representation of action from the centre and right wing of the Royalist army against parliament. So, ignoring historical records we had been designated as Fitton’s, part of the centre which of course means that we were on the Royalist left wing (aka Fritton’s and our battle cry for the afternoon ‘St Tinian’s!’).

Luckily it was another sunny weekend particularly as Phil had managed to persuade a trio of friends to join us for a weekend taster. I am not sure Saturday gave an overall picture of what we do but was a true reflection of what can happen stuck in front of an artillery battery we are not allowed to attack for an afternoon. Turned out there was some partially submerged sharp metal just in front of the artillery who’s positioning was supposed to make it a non-combat zone. Crazy! I think that this was also another attempt to match the Royalist line, that and the loaning of some troops from our right flank.

Still after a bit of a de-brief in the beer tent later Phil collared one of the staff and pointed out that Prince Maurice’s Dragoones (Ushers/Washington’s) were at the battle of Edgehill, and were responsible for clearing the hedges on the right wing. So, Sunday put us in our rightful place with a bit of bespoke action at the start followed by an afternoon of a variety of musket actions and a final bit of hand to hand that we had missed the day before. A little something for everyone, good fun.