Charlton Park was the late May Bank Holiday Major for 2017, and took place over May 28th to 29th, 2017

Two very different days: we formed up on the left flank on day one, with Stradling’s (Vaughan’s and River’s) musket to our right. We out flanked the parliament artillery, Stradling’s attacked from the front and us from the side. Chris employed an interesting method of deploying columns of musket on the march to turn and fire at our opponents then march on to reform the block (not quite how I would have done it, but I am sure he got it right). A lot of indecision from the Oxford Army commander but good co-ordination between Stradling’s and Astley’s.

On day two, we were asked to form up with Stradling’s and King’s to provide an extra-large block of musket for a new officer to play with. But as he was not allowed to give many commands other than make ready and give fire, by the Oxford Army commander it really did not stretch his ability or show how he could control a large musket block. Shame!

I am sure there was a reason to justify the rather static volley fire all afternoon, probably because Parliament didn’t have enough players to cover the Royalist line, but so that someone could demonstrate their ability to control a block of musket it was not: pity his hands were tied.