With Bob having applied for renewal of his licences 6 months ago and still waiting for West Midlands police for the goods, it was just Phil and I that made it to Bradgate.  Numbers were about the same as last year.                    

We arrive a little early for the pub to be open, so stopped in one of the half dozen tea rooms at the entrance to the park, Phil opting for the bacon butty and for myself the cheese scone.  By the time we left the rain had stopped, powder had arrived and the day was moving on so we wander to the authentic camp and battle field.  On arrival we decided it was time for lunch, fortunately my companion had brought bread, cheese and apples to keep us going.

As with last year we joined the assorted, but mainly KG, musket and pike to take on the household of Gary’s Regiment.  Some good bangs from the musket, I think the no wadding instruction catching out one or two with their usual loading process.  Several cracking volleys from the front rank, needless to say I was in the second rank, well done Phil.  Each side had cannon in addition to pike and musket and we were each given the opportunity to perform against the crowd line, which I thought was a nice twist.

Despite the damp start to the day, Bradgate Park was as beautiful as ever with the stags in full antler emerging from the bracken.  The does occupied the battlefield until the artillery announced our presence and just as quickly regained their land when we left.