This event took place over the weekend of August 6th/7th, 2016.

The new camp site meant the walk to the museum was a bit further but a much better (flatter) site.  I was last to arrive, Rob Grace was first, John Lesley and family had arrived next and Mike French made up our remaining spot.  Rob spent Friday afternoon going around the Tank Museum and did not get thrown out for clambering over and in the exhibits this time.

Saturday was hot, so we wandered across the Living History camp to meet up with Mike who was playing games with the public and waited for the army to arrive. There were four each musket and pike blocks and a couple of small cannon just about the right size for the event.  The blocks were very much colour coded so we ignored Rupert’s which was the Oxford army and joined the red coats of mainly Skippon’s musket making them about 18 I think.  We defended the fortifications till our powder ran out and the barrels were hot to the touch even through the gloves but in the end the fire pikes broke through, the walls lost, we died or capitulated.  Never mind, the roles would be reversed on Sunday!