This event took place over the weekend of July 23rd/24th, 2016

She came towards me and took my arm.  “Sit down” she said, “let’s take some of these clothes off.”  Through my eyes the sunlight made her hair looked golden and it gently flowed across her shoulders.  Her tone and manner was persuasive and although my inclination was to resist the temptation, my mind spinning, I obeyed, unable to resist her charms as she guided me to the grassy floor.  “Lie down” she said and with that, resistance was gone, how could I refuse her anything.  She took my wrist gently between her fingers and thumb, she turned slightly so that I caught her profile and spoke “He’s got a good pulse we just need to get him into some shade, get some fluids into him and cool him down a bit.”
I wonder if I should tell her I’ve cracked a rib as well?

And so ended day one.

Bob and I had arrived just in time for Powder issue, set up the tent and headed off to find the gardens and a quick bite to eat.  The intentions were good but I was led astray, some light refreshment and a packet of crisps, as we watched fine dining 17th Century style.  After ‘lunch’ we waited for the arrival of the Royalist Army only to find that they had snuck around the back and were already entering the field.  Still it gave us time to assess our potential block and we fell in with Lisles and Wayne from Glenham’s making them a nice even 9.  The battle was relentless with plenty of calls to take on water but little time for more than a mouthful before the next volley or call to fall on.  The opposition were good fun and joined in as Bob hammed it up and propped me up when I was ready to drop.  At last I died and thought that I would get 5 minutes to rest but no sooner had my head hit the ground than the battle was over and the call to reform went out.  Back in the block we began to march off...

Day two was nice, cooler and a different sergeant from Kings commanding the combined block, bit shaky at the start but he seemed to find his stride as the battle went on.  I found out later that it was the first time he had commanded the block in several years, it showed but he did good.  I liked day one better but Bob would probably say too much hand to hand.