This muster took plce over the weekend of June 18th/19th, 2016

Perhaps a little unfortunate that the enthusiasm of Molyneux’s Company of the Queens Life Guard could not be matched by the turn out from a few more regiments or the numbers of viewing public.  A neighbouring event had drawn off much of the public but despite this Molyneux’s claimed a successful weekend. Undaunted by the turn out Bob and I joined their ranks for the day and put on a display with plenty of big bangs and haranguing of the opposition.

We only planned to do the Sunday battle so had arrived Saturday evening and having put up our tent we popped into the Social Club for a quick pint before dinner.  We missed dinner.

With a small turn out the battle was fairly predictable with plenty of ranging shots to use up the powder and a little bit of hand to hand with plenty of ham.  They did insist on having lots of parleys, with drums and colours, so when the parliament officer decided, at the last, to approach us without such protection, I took it that she was fair game and initiated a succession of pot shots punctuated by her almost incoherent demand for us to surrender.  Good fun.