This event took place on late May Bank Holiday weekend.

Much better camp site this year, despite the mole hills, not perfect but better.  Yes, in places as human nature would have it things were verging on the congested.  But in other places it looked as if a regiment or two had forgotten to turn up.  A little confusion between Bob and my-self meant that he missed out on a lift and we arrived separately as originally planned.

A larger battlefield too, although the slope of the old one might have offered the public a better view.  Still the march back to camp was very picturesque and the crowd was able to walk alongside us on the way back to the Abbey and camp site.  I hope we go back again it will give me a chance to get past the Beer tent and actually look around the Gardens and buildings next time.

Day one fighting on the crowd side against the Scots, great fun and lots of banter from the Ingram’s, a good mix of bangs and hand to hand.  Day two was a bit different this time on the far side of the field with a little skirmish amongst the trees, hooray!  But then ended up entertaining the London Brigade pike which included Bagot’s, not a situation any of us wanted to be in, but they played the game and made it as much fun as it could be, so my thanks to London and friends.