This took place on the May Day Bank Holiday weekend.  It was a late addition to the list of musters and a joint society event.  I think Chris thought that these factors would give him a weekend away on his own for a change, but Bob and I had already signed up and Dave, Jackie, Laurie, John and Lesley were not far behind.  Which was lucky for the host regiment, as with members from the rest of Astley’s Brigade, we formed half their Musket block and others from the SK including Vaughan’s accounting for a further 25%.  Basically we made them look good.

With our nice red coats, we were, of course, Parliament on this occasion with Lisle’s SK regiment forming the right wing and Newcastle’s regiment the Royalist opposition.  The Stockade that we were besieging was pretty decent compared with those I have seen before and the pyrotechnics were good too.  Lots of hamming it up from Lisle’s Grenadiers, the commentator and the LG which kept the crowd amused.  

Day two would have been basically the same as day one but for two things, the pyrotechnics went off 15 minutes early before any one was on the field so we had to put on an impromptu display while they reset everything and at this point it poured with rain and drowned the muskets which added a further half hour before the display could start.  Still being good little musketeers we were ready to go again by the time the sunshine came out and which stayed with us for the rest of the display as had a surprising number of onlookers.