Prince Maurice’s Regiment of Dragoones is part of the Sealed Knot, the Society of Cavaliers and Roundheads.

The Sealed Knot is a registered educational charity with some 3000 members, whose aim is to improve the public’s knowledge of a vital period of our history – 1640-1660. Those years saw social upheaval, civil war (causing proportionally higher casualties than the First World War), and the foundation of our modern constitutional monarchy and parliamentary government.

The Sealed Knot seeks to achieve its aims by re-enacting battles and scenes from everyday life, and by giving talks and demonstrations throughout the country. Our events also raise considerable funds for various charities.

The Historical Background

In the 17th century dragoones were mounted infantry, using horses to improve mobility, but typically dismounting to fight. They were often used as advance and rearguards, and as assault troops.

Prince Maurice’s Regiment of Dragoones was raised early in the war, and fought in the first major action at Edgehill.  Later, now usually referred to as Washington’s Dragoones, it was involved in the storming of Bristol and the battle of Marston Moor among others, ending the war holding Worcester, the last English town to surrender.

The Regiment Now

Prince Maurices is one of the few dragoone units in the society. It has members throughout the country from Cornwall to Scotland, with the largest single concentration in the Plymouth area. The regiment is part of Sir Jacob Astley's Brigade of the Oxford Army, one of the four divisions of the Royalist Army, and normally forms one wing of its shot at major events.