Written by Keith Foster Keith Foster

Scampston Hall was the August Bank Holiday major for 2017

A long trip for most of us, just Pete who was local, I was probably next closest at just over 3 hours (nearer 5 on bank holiday Friday) but despite this a good turnout and a great weekend.

The old LG decided he wanted a photoshoot so we all formed up. My only complaint was that the musket were formed up first and asked to kneel then came the pike drums and colours. It took a while for everyone to get in just the right position for the photographers, then the photos and eventually for the musket to stand again (those that could).

Needless to say, I have had words with the new LG and pointed out the flaw in arranging the musket first then arranging everyone around them. Time will tell if he listened or not when he wants his photoshoot.

A short spell at the guard tent brought us an invite to a local pub, The Fleece at Rillington, where we spent Saturday night with plenty of food, drink and song.
Then on Sunday night we christened the Ingram’s new tent with more food, drink and song.

Glorious weekend, magnificent achievement by everyone on so many different levels.